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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

" i eat glitter for breakfast, lunch and tea..."

and I hope she lives her whole life in that manner. my sweet little niece...a tiny, fierce, determined little girl. she doesn't think twice about declaring what is rightfully (or not so much..) "hers"...she squawks at the slightest injustice and isn't afraid to take up space in this world, however that may look. she is pure and real and absolutely unique and she...owns a piece of her Aunt Jenny's heart.

{{ these photos were taken in our sandbox out back...the tiny bear, Tegan left here on her last visit a few months ago. she was SO happy to see him again and as you can see...kept him close by. well, despite her best efforts... bear...once again didn't make it home! ...I guess I 'll have to take it to her......}}