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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Write it on your heart....

                 "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year." RWE  
   I wanted to feature my sweet friends adorable kids on the blog today because it's her BIRTHDAY! We talk often with each other about how our children are our greatest gifts. Today she was sharing a story about the untimely death of a bumble bee in their driveway this past her children insisted on giving the bumbler a "proper" burial...where does this come from she laughed. Well...I know right where it came from! They have a fabulous Mommy. She is, unbeknownst to herself :)  kind, hilarious, compassionate and creative. With a flair for making every experience special~nothing leaves her house without a bow or a tiny note, a splash of glitter...a kiss on the cheek. Because they have been raised in this manner, ~S~ and ~J~ exude the same energy...they are honest and funny and they are keenly aware of the happenings in the world around them. They give back to society in ways that most adults strive for and often fall short...they hold tiny fundraisers, write notes of thanks and concern, and yes...even give a bumbler a dignified way of being laid to rest. SO...Happy Birthday Melissa! I hope your basking in the light of your very special life...I'm so lucky to call you my friend.  


  1. sweet!!! And very true! The friendship the two of you have is a special one indeed:-) Happy Birthday Melissa!! akm

  2. Best. Birthday. Card. EVER!
    SO THOUGHTFUL~I love it. THANK YOU! <3

  3. so sweet of you jeni!! so glad to see you guys still good friends after so long!! two beautiful people that make our world a better place!! - emily

  4. So fun! Beautiful kids! What a great birthday card!