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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I usually keep my blog posts pretty's more about what the photos have to say than me, but's a bit more.
A little while ago I was sitting with my daughter while she did her homework. It's not that she always needs the actual help as much as the motivation to keep going.
Homework is the thorn in our side. I get the actual principal behind having homework, but in the grand scheme of really just stinks.
We were huddled in front of the fire on this freezing night and I had my camera on the floor in front of me, studying it.
As I watched her work I slowly lifted my finger and snapped these few pictures.
It breaks my heart.
She's in school all day long and when she gets home
she's exhausted.
Some days we argue and I push her to get it done right away, other days I cave and we put it off...which usually backfires. 
From the time she gets home until the time she goes to bed I have just four short hours with her. It's my preference that she play and bathe and be with her family. Eat some dinner, read a a kid.
My goal for her is to be a great person, not a great robot. I'd rather watch her be fascinated with the ladybug she found and why it's spotted than watch her do dittos that make her spin her wheels trying to "show her work" on math problems that prior to the Common Core where just fine done in her head.
Don't get me wrong, we have been blessed with some pretty fabulous teachers and an incredible school district.  But I want her to be a kid and a functioning part of our family. I want her to have a chore or two, maybe play a sport?
I don't have the perfect solution, but I sure wish I did because truly...
homework stinks.

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