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Thursday, July 11, 2013


A long time ago I met a really great lady. Her name was Genevieve and she was hilarious and talented, sarcastic and witty...and very kind. 
We had this goofy friendship that was full of laughter and we told each other things that sometimes were hard to tell other people~she was a great listener, we "got" each other.
One of the things we used to tease about was us becoming family...she had a niece about the same age as my youngest brother...oh what a match that would be! Both of them were still in high school 
{and a little wild} but we thought it would be great. we are. 
Very many years later. My friend has since passed away.
That's the sad part of the story.
The sweet and beautiful part of the story is this...
My little brother is all grown up now, and just this past fall he married his best friend...

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