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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bloopers on the Blog

I think this is something I'll be doing more often...saving some of the ones that normally would end up in the "less than perfect" pile let's say! One of the great things I love about the way I choose to do my job is that I get it all!  Lately I've been straying away a little from my "style" It's the holiday's and I know lot's of people want a Holiday I try. But here's the thing....when I'm really doing what I love it shows in my work...when I try to conform, I think it shows too. So, for holiday photos this year....bring on your fuzzy sweaters, your crazy boots, cozy hats! Play, giggle, snuggle and BE with your loved ones! You'll have more fun and our pictures will reflect that...I'm not going for a look, I'm going for a feeling! I shoot from the heart and if that's what your looking for~ I'm your girl!  Enjoy these bloopers~they'll get the smiles started :)

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