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Thursday, November 4, 2010


So, I got a call from a good friend last week about getting a few shots of her boys before the holidays~ I photographed these two last year so I pretty much new the deal :)  I stopped over on Saturday and ~D~ was ready to roll, running around with a huge smile on his face...~F~ however was still grooming himself. I peeked around the corner to see him brushing his hair with one hand and his teeth with another!! That kids got talent~ I would have toothpaste in my hair and hair in my teeth! REALLY. When we were ready we headed outside...goal- a few quick shots, waist up, both remotely looking at me, hopefully smiling, FAST before they take off! I won't go into detail about the conversation I had to engage in to get their brief attention...however I will tell you it had to do with a flock of low flying geese above my head...and the possibility of my maybe being their target. Overall it was about a 5 min. photo shoot....they are TOO CUTE!

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  1. Lovety, love love love! I especially like how the pictures/backgrounds look so rugged and woodsy- perfect for two little boys!